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Lauren Fishbein, MA, RP

Lauren Fishbein is a Registered Psychotherapist, a healer, and a co-founder of Finger to the Moon Counseling. She holds her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University. Lauren sees through a body-based, trauma informed, neuroscience lens and recognizes that the mind-body connection is essential when it comes to healing and growth.

Lauren welcomes all kids into her play room and specializes in adoption. As a transracial international adoptee, Lauren has dedicated her work to being a support for adoptees and their families. Helping children, teens and parents understand how to work together and how to connect on a deeper level is a key component of her work. Many of the wounds that adoptees face stem from the womb and their first years of life, where implicit memory begins. For every child, not only adoptee’s, the body stores and holds old traumas, especially trauma before the age of 3(y.o), and in many cases with adoption this trauma goes unnoticed and often leads to a misdiagnosis of ADHD, learning disabilities, ODD and other attachment based disorders. This early trauma can leave adoptees feeling lost, depressed, confused, and angry, always searching for something and yet they are unable to put their finger on exactly what they are missing. Early trauma (especially combined with a misdiagnosis) can lead to lack of self-esteem, anxiety, loneliness, depression, suicidal ideation and addiction.

Lauren works with non-adoptee’s and their families as well. She works with clients who are experiencing and struggling with anxiety, depression, difficulty with transitions, intense emotions, emotional outbursts, and overwhelm. If you have a kiddo struggling it is not too late to get them support.

Lauren offers on line parent coaching and facilitates a 12-week educational series for those parents looking to transform their current reality into a more peaceful, balanced and connection-filled existence. For more information click here.

 In her spare time Lauren volunteers with the Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families and has been a presenter at many of their camps.  If you are looking for a community for your adoptee or if you were adopted please visit the HCAF website for more information:

For all other inquires please contact Lauren here