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“From chaos to connection”

Parent Services:
Lauren offers a 12-week educational series for parents wanting to shift their current ways of parenting and creating a new path for themselves and their family. This program helps you better understand yourself, which will support and increase your understanding of your child.  It allows you to learn, grow, and get real about your parenting. Together we will add many tools to your parenting toolbox and help you in those tough parenting moments.  We will work together to implement this knowledge successfully into your parenting style. I am committed to helping you become the parent you want to be for your child.   If you are ready to be challenged and grow in incredible ways, this program is for you!

The Program: Is offered online via a HIPPA compliant video session
Week 1: Intake
Week 2: Nervous System 
Week 3: The Brain
Week 4: Mindfulness
Week 5: Check-in Session
Week 6: Demartini’s Values
Week 7: Demartini’s Values continued 
 Week 8: Check-in Session
Week 9: SPT’s Four Threats
Week 10: Nutrition

Week 11: SPT’s Developmental Tasks 
Week 12: Closing 

Included in the package:
One Interactive Booklet
One audio body scan recording
Two 30 minute phone call for extra support
Emails post session when needed

If you ready to take the reigns and move forward click here

Lauren’s parenting program has been extremely helpful with the way we understand and deal with our children’s behaviors. Lauren gave us tools that empower us to respond to our children in ways that help them. We have more peaceful interactions with our kids and we have developed a stronger bond. Lauren is brilliant and she is an expert in understanding the way children think and behave. She was able to see things in us that we could not see ourselves. She is gentle and kind and extremely passionate and I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling!
— -Parent
Lauren’s Parent Coaching saved our family life. We now understand why our child misbehaves and why acts the way they act. Now we know how to redirect and calm our child. Lauren is sweet, understanding and very knowledgeable in this area. She was a pleasure to work with and learn from.
— -Parent