Welcome to our video library! As educators we believe it is important to share what we know. We have created videos to help parents who are on the go. Most people today do not have the time to sit and read books on research; especially when they would rather use their leisure time to relax and unwind. This page is designed to give parents a quick download on some of the most recent research and books on parenting. 


Introduction: meeting lauren

This video is a brief introduction to Lauren Fishbein. Lauren's focus is to work with adoptee's and their families. This will give you a little background on Lauren, how she got to where she is now, and what she hopes to accomplish while working with you and your family. 

brain basics 

The brain is an extremely complex organism that doctors and researchers are still exploring. Lauren believes that understanding how the brain works is a fundamental part of being human. When we can understand why the brain does what it does, it can help us to decipher why we are the way we are. It helps us to untangle some of the judgments we have about ourselves and others, and lets us see that we are all just human. This video will focus on the very basics of the brain, and lightly touch the surface of the functions of the brain. 

What to expect 

Since coaching comes in many forms, Lauren has a specific approach that she uses as her foundation: mindfulness, body awareness, and authenticity.  These are some of the cornerstones of Lauren's coaching. She believes in facing challenges head on, and taking charge of our lives in a safe and nurturing manner. Lauren brings light to both a no-nonsense attitude combined with a loving, supportive nature. This video will discuss what parents can expect when starting the coaching process with Lauren.