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Play Therapy (ages 2-18): (Lauren & Matt offer these services)
Are your children struggling with the basic daily tasks? Are transitions difficult for you and your family?  Are setting rules and boundaries strenuous?  Are you getting calls from your child's school?  If this sounds familiar, play therapy might be the option for you and your family. 

For children and teens play therapy is offered as an alternative to talk therapy.  As children have not yet fully developed pre-frontal cortexes, play therapy is a safe way to access traumas while not overwhelming their sensitive nervous systems. Play therapy allows children and teens to share their traumas through their own language of play. Lauren and Matt use techniques from Synergetic Play Therapy (SPT),  which is a science based method of play therapy that works from a bottom-up brain model. SPT helps to integrate traumas by using what researchers and psychologists now know about the brain, and nervous system. 

Synergetic Play Therapy™ (SPT) is a cutting edge model of play therapy designed to re-pattern the disorganization in the lower brain centers, areas that are often un-addressed in many current play therapy models. Often referred to as "the new paradigm of healing in play therapy" by many students, Synergetic Play Therapy™ is the first researched informed play therapy model to blend together neuroscience, attachment/attunement, therapist authenticity, physics, emotional congruence, nervous system regulation, and mindfulness/mindsight. 

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